• Yamuna Khadar Field Visit

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    We went to Yamuna Khadar, and conducted a meeting with the villagers. Chote Lal, a caretaker of Janpahal Rain Basera at Yamuna Khadar was also present in the meeting. He initiated and helped us mobilize some villagers to conduct a meeting with them.

    There were various discussion that took place in the meeting. It became very enthusiastic and interactive, several interesting were been highlighted.

    • The growing polution of river Yamuna and how it is affecting the livlihoods of the farmers of Delhi and Delhi NCR region.
    • What is good food.
    • How the livlihoods of farmers can improve by the good food project
    • How leaders will be created within the farmers.

    The meeting allowed us an understanding with the problems faced by the farmers. It also gave us an understanding to explore a methodology to interact and identify more farmers. Contact numbers of some relatives of farmers from Hapur district was identified who sells agrarian goods at the Gazipur Mandi. A meeting and another field visit plan got materialised at Gazipur Mandi on 9/4/2016.

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