• Swasth Bharat Yatra 2018-19


    Swasth Bharat Yatra Community Awareness: 115 community meetings direct outreach to more than 10,000 peoples.

    FOSTAC Training of Street Food Vending – Food Safety Supervisor: 502 street vendors have been successfully registered with the FSSAI. Further, these 502 street vendors have been duly trained in the food safety and standard manual of FSSAI.

    With Street food Vendors:

    205 street vendors are organized in 15 groups. The street vendors share information with their customers about food and its usage. All 205 A concerted campaign named “Hawkers4Community” was launched to directly connect street vendors with consumers. Many street vendors used social media including facebook and twitter to propagate the campaign and directly connect to the customers.

    Events were organized by street vendors where customers participated in good numbers. Through such events street vendors demonstrated how to prepare good food and shared detail knowledge about food being prepared and served.

    With natural farmers of NCR:

    In the NCR, 121 small farmers of 15 villages were organized in 12 groups. Training workshop was organized to introduce farmers to natural/ecological/organic farming. These farmers had network meetings with street vendors and consumers. 57 farmers have been successfully admitted in the Participatory Guarantee System of Organic Farming and are now Green Farmers. Farmers actively participated in various network meetings with street vendors and their customers and shared detail of their farm products and traditional ways of using them.

    Food Festivals:

    Organized 17 food festivals where producers learnt, shared good food and sell and buy organic food including cooked food by street vendors using raw materials directly procured from organic farmers and/or producers companies.

    With Consumers:

    A total of 293 consumers including 97 women were organized in 15 groups to promote responsible, sustainable and healthy consumption of food.

    “Make your bread multigrain” Campaign was undertaken to propagate benefits of multigrain bread among families. Consumers were motivated for multigrain bread by mixing wheat with millets and other traditional food like gram. Customers were motivated to mix millets like finger millet, pearl millet and food like gram to make bread nutrient rich with added calcium and protein. We worked with community based millers who milled multigrain flour for customers.

    31 events promoting millet drink were organized where a drink made of finger millet was co-cooked with community and served with information of nutritional values of millets in order to popularize use of millets.

    Organized 12 network meetings among groups of farmers, consumers and street vendors to build trust based on transparency. Partners of food value chain exchanged their knowledge and concerns and shared collective perspective of food for a healthy India.

    7 Exposure Visits were organized to expose urban consumers to organic and natural farming. Consumers of Delhi in groups were taken to fields of happy organic and natural farmers of NCR where they had first hand knowledge of how food is produced.

    With Homeless-special drive was taken on basic hygiene issues among homeless residents of Delhi. Hair cut, shaving were done for free. A hygiene kit comprising soaps, tooth brush, pastes were distributed.

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