• Hawkers Conference

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    Mr. Dharmendra Kumar , President of Hawkers Joint Action Committee addressing the Hawkers Conference


    Mayank Mishra addressing Conference

    Chief Guest Mr. Mayank Mohan Mishra ,National Mission Manager, DAY-NULM Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Govt. of India addressing the Hawkers Conference



    Guest Speaker Mr. Colin Gonsalves, Senior lawyer of the Supreme Court of India and founder of the Human Rights Law Network addressing the Hawkers Conference


    18 Feb 2019, Delhi. A huge Hawker Conference was organized in the Mavalankar Hall under the aegis of Hawkers Joint Action Committee. At the beginning of the program, Nirmal ji presented the revolutionary song. After this, Dharmendra Kumar, President of the Hawker’s Joint Action Committee said that the time has come when the change in the Delhi Rules will also be done to increase the right to the TVC with the survey and also redress the grievance. The scheme approved TVC and every TVC has the provision of a Mahila Haat. The process of survey offered by TVC members is included in the scheme. Invited as a special speaker in the program, the senior advocate of the Supreme Court of India and the founder of the Human Rights Law Network, Colin Gonzalez, called upon the hawkers to continue the struggle on the road. He accused the governments, saying that whenever there is a decision in the favour of general public from the court, the government staff shakes them into implementing it, but when any adverse decision is made, it goes to the ground with the whole arrangement for its execution. He assured the organization of every possible legal help. Addressing as the Chief Guest of the Conference , Hon’ble Mayank Mishra, National Mission Manager, National Urban Livelihood Mission, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India said that enough Fund is available for the TVC surveys and other necessary activities. He said that 2 crore has been spent from the total amount of 20 crores. Mishra also told that soon the appointment of State Mission Manager is going to be implemented in Delhi, after which the plans of the Mission will be implemented smoothly.

    The next speaker of the program, Mr. Tanveer Kazi, Regional Manager of Action Aid India, warned the hawkers that the fight of their constitutional rights was not allowed to be weakened by the scheme.

    The conference was also addressed by Hawker leaders Sushma ji, Hakim Singh Rawat, Mukesh Kumar, Councilor Poonam Bagri ji, Leader of Opposition in EDMCD Shri Kuldeep Jee etc.

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