Janpahal was founded by development practitioners closely working with marginal people at grassroots level in March 2003. Since the beginning it is privileged to have a strong team of educationists, journalists, young researchers and social activists as its resource base. It initially started to work in the university campuses of Delhi and Bihar to facilitate formation of a liberal and rational society. The objective was to make youth understand their time and space and motivate them to take up initiatives with people at grassroots level to help the society achieve desirable goals of equality, dignity and liberty. In a sort span of time, grassroots developmental practitioners of Janpahal started taking initiatives in Delhi and villages of Bihar. Enriching themselves in the process of co-constructing initiatives with people at grassroots level they meaningfully intervened in the field of livelihood, housing, labour and trade policies.

Presently, our engagements include research, training, advocacy, networking and organizing.